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Project Drawings

Providing detailed material suggestion and area calculation will help you win the project bidding. Now, you can easily give all of this to COOWIN's professional engineering design department. According to the drawings you provide, we can help provide detailed project area and WPC material consumption, as well as installation plans.

More importantly, we can build a model for your project, and render realistic 3D renderings, so that you can see the effect of the WPC product installation more intuitively.


Our best is outdoor landscape design, our products are mainly used outdoors.


We can quickly identify the drawings and give customers solutions.


Our service does not charge any fees, we only hope that in the end you can buy our products..


Our product prices are very favorable because we are a manufacturer.

Additional Information

I have a wood deck and want to replace some boards. Can I replace them with composite boards?

Is it okay to install your composite decking around a pool?

Yes, COOWIN composite decking is ideal decking for the pool and spa environment. Also, as there is no likelihood of splinters occurring, it protects your feet. It’s required that you follow the Installation Instructions to make sure the ventilation requirements are met.

Can I install your WPC products near saltwater?

Yes. Saltwater won’t affect the performance of our WPC material.

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