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Striking composite pool decking ideas

The summer heat has arrived and it is very important to have a pool during this season. It can provide a complement to your outdoor space and bring you a refreshing place to escape the heat. Here you can enjoy a pleasant stay with your family and friends. Whether you are building a new pool or renovating an existing one, it is important to plan your pool design. Composite decking has more advantages and looks, so composite pool decking is very common and can be the best choice for pool decking. Striking composite pool decking ideas are what every homeowner wants. In this article, we will explore composite pool deck ideas.

Designing your pool ideas is just as important as building your pool. A unique idea can easily become the focal point of your outdoor space and help you create the perfect pool. Composite decking around above ground pool plays an important role in your pool’s overall look and ambiance. So choosing the right deck looks and color is also something to consider.

Modern composite decking ideas

Modern grey composite decking

Grey composite decking around the pool is a common choice in design. It can provide you with a clean and smooth look. Using grey composite decking can effectively enhance the overall aesthetics of your pool and give you a more modern design. It also works well with many elements, combining glass and modern landscaping freely to give you a different style.

Built-in lighting decks

Choosing composite decking with built-in lighting can bring you more eye-catching design elements. Built-in lighting decking can create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere around the pool. This enhances the overall look and feel of your outdoor pool and provides additional safety and lighting for night swimming.

Multi-tone composite decks to match

If you want your pool deck to be eye-catching and special, then using a multi-tonal composite design is a great option. This mix of materials in multiple shades can create a more interesting look. It can have a visually unique look that is more eye-catching. And it’s more special than a uniformly colored deck.

Composite decking with borders

Adding a border to your composite pool deck is an easy and convenient way to provide a well-planned space for your pool area. Composite decks come in a wide range of colors and styles. So choose a border with a strong contrasting color to give your deck design a distinctive style.

Natural-style composite deck boards

For a more natural and rustic look, you may consider using treated composite decking. It has a texture and looks more similar to traditional natural woods, providing a comfortable and natural ambiance to your pool area while keeping the space simple. The natural look provides a distinctive contrast to the cooler pool, making it even more special.

Striking composite pool decking ideas

After choosing the right look for your deck, it is also important to have a unique and creative design for the pool deck area.

Modern composite decking ideas

Decorating with plants

Using a lot of green plants or potted plants around the composite pool deck can bring you a more natural and comfortable atmosphere. This idea can make your outdoor space look greener and create a neat oasis. Composite decking boards contrast with plants, and the combination of modern pool and natural style looks striking.

Light up your pool area

As we said above, lighting can create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere around the pool. If your composite decks do not feature built-in lighting, you can also install them yourself. Installing recessed lighting will provide plenty of illumination when you need to use it.

Use non-slip materials

It is always known that decks near pools are very slippery, especially when there is water. In order to make your pool space safer, it is essential to take some measures to make your composite pool deck slip resistant.

Choose some aesthetic non-slip inserts or decorative edges that can provide extra friction and traction. Taking these measures will not only make your pool area more aesthetically pleasing but will also make it safer for you to use on a daily basis.

Adding a pergola

Building a pergola for your composite pool deck area during the hot summer months can create a private yet elegant space. A pergola can provide a shady area for you to relax and spend a pleasant afternoon. It can also effectively block the sunlight and keep the temperature of your pool deck area from getting too high.

composite pool deck ideas


All in all, composite decking is the perfect choice for pool decking due to its durability, low maintenance, and better moisture resistance. The right look with composite decks can make your pool area more beautiful. Some striking composite pool decking ideas can create a more unique pool area.

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