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composite deck boards

As a new material for decorating decks, composite material has changed the industry and opened a whole new side. There is always a process that needs to happen before new decorative material is accepted by everyone. Many people have the wrong idea about composite materials’ appearance, how much they cost, and how well they work. Now, let’s talk about what people get wrong about composite deck boards.

In the past, wood was a natural choice for making things look nice. Because there were not many good alternatives. People no longer have to only choose wood decks. Composite decking has been growing as a market for more than twenty years. And more and more people have come to accept and use it. Composite decking is better than a wood deck in many ways. Like being easy to take care of, waterproof, and resistant to mildew.

Costs are too high

When composite decking first came out, it cost about three times as much as a regular deck. Before knowing what the pros and cons of composite decking were. People still choose wood decks even though they cost a lot. At the same time, the first-generation composite decking looks like plastic and feels like plastic. Because of these things, it has never been as popular as it wants to be.

But as time went on and technology got better, things changed. More and more things are being made out of composite materials. At the same time, the price has gone down a lot. Most of the time, composite decking costs twice as much as pressure-treated wood decking. But it costs less than wood like IPE. At the same time, composite decks don’t cost much to keep up. When used for a long time, composite decking costs less than wood decking in the long run.


Composite decking doesn’t need any care! This is a good selling point, but this is not a totally accurate description. Even though the pressure-treated wood deck is easier to keep up than the composite decking. And that doesn’t mean there isn’t any upkeep. Even composite decking will get dirty, so you will still need to clean it.

But it’s easier to clean the composite deck than the wooden one. Oil and wine stains are less likely to stay on the surface of composite decking than they are on wooden decks. With a little soap and water, you can clean your composite decking every few months. Even though the name “maintenance-free” may not be accurate, it is true that composite decking is easy to take care of.

The plastic sense is clear

When the first composite decks came out decades ago, this may have been a fair way to look at them. But for now, composite decking is one of the most attractive materials for outdoor decking. Composite decking looks great and is made to look like natural wood. Which looks the best? The beauty and quality of the things made with great skill and technology are beyond compare. Give your outdoor decorations a whole new look and feel.

The color and finish of a composite deck are added during the making process. This means that the color is up to the homeowner. No matter what kind of house you have, there is always composite deck boards that will work with it. One of the most popular brands of composite decking is COOWIN. Which can be used for any type of family project. If you use modern composite materials, you can make your house look better and increase its value.

Installing a composite deck is hard

And there are other myths about how hard it is to install composite decking. In fact, composite decks are usually very easy to put together for people who know how to build decks. Composite materials are more accessible to assemble than most traditional wood decks because the boards are joined together.

With the help of an easy-to-use clip system and the installation instructions given by the manufacturer. Even if you have never built an outdoor deck before, you can successfully build a new one. If the deck is put together right, it won’t warp, crack, or break. After putting in the composite deck, you can use it right away without sealing it.

Composite decks will fade, stain, and get scratches

In the beginning, this was true of the first generation of composite decking. But the third-generation composites use a system called “capped shell.” The tops of these boards protect them from fading, stains, and scratches. Modern composite decking can last for decades, even in bad weather, in the sun, and with a lot of people coming and going. COOWIN composite decking also comes with a 25-year warranty, which will keep you from having to worry.

Composite decking is becoming more and more popular as the world changes. If you think about replacing your wooden deck boards or building an outdoor living space with a composite deck. Please get in touch with us right away. We can send you free samples. Let you learn more about the composite deck boards, and our professional team can clear up any questions you might have about it.

Benefits of composite decking


In the early days, composite decking was not introduced to the market with much interest, but things have changed. As technology has evolved, composite decking has become the preferred choice of more and more homeowners. However, for some homeowners who have never purchased composite decking before, there are still many misconceptions about composite materials. Through the above article, you can better understand the various advantages of composite decking.

All in all, choosing composite decks can bring more advantages to your building. The more diverse styles and patterns can make your outdoor space look more unique.

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