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Can you put a pool on a composite deck?

Nothing says summer like a pool. More and more people are starting to want their outdoor space to have a pool to relax and enjoy better in the summer. But when it comes to choosing the materials to build your pool, you may encounter a lot of difficulties. Because there are many kinds of building materials to choose from.

Traditional wood is very inexpensive to install but requires more maintenance and care. Natural stone does not require much maintenance and is more durable, but it is more expensive to install. In addition, both wood and stone can become very slippery, posing more safety hazards.

However, as technology evolves, a new material, composite deck, is becoming more popular. This material is strong and durable and does not require much maintenance, and its initial cost is cheaper compared to stone. But the question is, can you put a pool on a composite deck?

Simply put it is possible, you can use composite decking to build a pool. But you have to follow some guidelines and take some measures to ensure the safety of composite pool decking. In this article, we will cover the advantages of putting a pool on a composite deck and some of the considerations.

Advantages of putting a pool on a composite deck

More and more homes are using composite decking for their pools because it is more beautiful and durable. composite decking has the beauty of natural wood and the richness of design to give you more spaciousness and beauty.

With composite materials, you can also bring more variety to your design. Composite decking around the pool can bring a unique look and feel to your outdoor living space.


Advantages of putting a pool on a composite deck

Composite decking is made from a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers, with the plastic polymer completely covering the wood fibers. This prevents the wood fibers from absorbing moisture, effectively avoiding mold and rot problems. This can provide you with a safer pool space, greatly reducing the swelling or shrinking caused by the absorption of moisture. This makes the composite deck around the pool a more desirable solution.


Wood and stone can be particularly slippery in wet conditions, but with composite pool decking, there is no need to worry. The composite deck above the ground pool provides greater friction and grip. And the different textures on the surface provide effective slip resistance. And the gap between decks allows water to drain easily from the deck, reducing the amount of standing water.


Many accidents can happen in the pool, such as unstable and uneven decking and surface cracking causing cuts and slips. Unlike traditional wood and stone, composite decking around the pool provides a smooth and safe surface for years and does not require a lot of maintenance. It doesn’t crack, split or warp easily, so you don’t have to worry at all that the deck will scratch your feet.

Better looking

Composite deck boards have a stunning aesthetic that creates a more modern look. Composite deck around the pool can mimic a richer texture and look, and some deeply embossed decks can also provide better traction and friction.

Notes on putting a pool on a composite deck

Notes on putting a pool on a composite deck

While you can use putting a pool on a composite deck, there are some precautions you need to follow to keep yourself safe.

Load-bearing capacity

The first thing to do is to make sure the composite decking can support the weight of the pool. Most composite deck manufacturers provide specific weight-bearing guidelines that you must strictly adhere to in order to be safe in use. If you are having difficulty determining the weight-bearing data of the deck, contact the manufacturer before installation. A pool that is not strong enough is always at risk of collapsing, which can be very dangerous for your use.


The placement of the pool on the composite decking will also affect the stability and safety of the deck. Therefore, it is essential to install a strong and durable frame and support on the bottom of the composite deck. This can effectively protect your pool from collapsing or cracking. And avoid lowering the pool to the edge of the deck, which may not provide sufficient support.


Composite decking is generally resistant to moisture and water damage. However, when placing a pool on a deck, drainage problems can arise. Prolonged close exposure to moisture may result in damage to composite materials. Therefore it is important to ensure proper drainage of the pool and deck as this will help you to use it safely.

Heat Dissipation

The nature of composite decking causes it to absorb more heat than traditional wood, which can cause the deck to become hotter. Therefore you have to take into account the amount of heat and sun exposure in your pool and take the necessary measures to prevent it. For example, use a light-colored deck material or provide a shaded area for the pool.

put a pool on a composite deck


Regular maintenance of composite decking around the pool will ensure its longevity and durability. Regular cleaning is essential for pools and decks to prevent the accumulation of debris and dirt. This debris and dirt can cause the surface of your deck to become more slippery and make your pool dirty.


In conclusion, putting a pool on a composite deck is possible and very sturdy and durable. However, you need to follow the proper installation and usage. Also before you start the project, you need to consult with professionals and manufacturers to find out if the deck you are buying supports this type of installation. Consider carefully where the pool will be built to ensure drainage, regular maintenance, and heat dissipation. This will enable you to enjoy a safer pool.

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