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Covered Deck

We often see decks as an open-air platform for people to gather and have fun, and we all know that covered deck ideas are not common to see in daily life. Having your deck covered actually brings you many benefits. It not only provides shade for you but also offers protection against the elements. More importantly, it adds some style to your deck and can be eye-catching when carefully designed.

Benefits of Covered Decks

1. Offers protection for your deck against the element.

2. Provides shade, allowing you to stay outdoors more comfortably.

3. Adds style to your deck, making it unique.

4. Can be eye-catching when well designed.

Then what can we do to build a covered deck? What are the most popular covered deck features we should look into? Today, we’ll give you the answer. There are many types of covered deck features, from awnings to roof extension, each of which has a unique and distinctive style.


An awning is a sheet of canvas or other material that overhangs a deck to keep off the sunlight and rain. Although they’re not as durable as other permanent structures, awnings are easy and simple to build, a kind of something beginners can get their hands on. They also come in many colours, styles, and patterns so you can choose one that suits your needs. Another advantage of them is that they’re not permanent, which means they can be easily retracted and removed when needed.


A pergola is an archway comprised of a framework covered with climbing or trailing plants. It can either be built attached to a building or free-standing. As a semi-air structure, it gives you some shade while still allowing in air and sunlight, creating a warm and light atmosphere for you. You can also turn it into a “green” canopy by letting plants climb over the top. To install a pergola on a deck, it requires a bit more professional knowledge and you also need to make sure that the substructure is substantial enough to hold the extra weight.

Roof Extension

Here comes the most expensive and difficult one. A roof extension needs to be built by a professional to make sure that it’s structurally sound and matches the style of your property. When well designed, a roof extension can make your deck a real resort for relaxation. It’s costly to get one done so you’d better put some research into it and think it over it before jumping into it.

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