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Once you’ve made up your mind to build a deck, here comes the head-scratching part-to design and style the deck to the effect that satisfies you. Planning prior to construction is important, it must be frustrating to get to know that your design ideas don’t work with the deck after the build. Here we’ll be showing you some of the best deck patterns to style your deck before you jump into your build.

The deck pattern is something that can directly improve the visual impact of your deck. While the parallel or perpendicular pattern is the most popular, you can always try some unique patterns as a way to set your deck apart. Here are some that you may want to give a try.

Regular Pattern

The regular pattern is the most simple and less time-consuming one to build your deck. Deck boards will simply run perpendicular to the joists and usually the walking direction.

If you want to get your build done quickly with less amount of energy or money spent on it, the regular pattern is a perfect choice.


The diagonal pattern is one that the boards run diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees.

It seems plain while remaining to be the simple way to make your deck different. Diagonal decks are sturdier and work well with picture-frame.

Parquet or Basketweave

Parquet or basketweave, often used interchangeably, refers to the pattern that mixes different sub-patterns within small squares of the same size, some of which, for example, run parallel or perpendicular.

 It’s the best choice when you want your deck to showcase your personality and style.

Chevron and Herringbone

Chevron is a pattern that has lines in the shape of an inverted V. It can be seen everywhere and is quite popular.

Herringbone, as another popular pattern, is often confused with Chevron. It’s a pattern containing rectangular pieces of an equal size, arranged staggeringly in a zig-zag shape.

There are always plenty of new patterns for your to try out. Before doing that, always consult your local building code officials and professionals for a sound and code-compliant design for your deck.

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