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Deck Design Ideas

Are you currently looking for a design for the space under the deck? Today, we’ll tell you how. There are many options for you to choose from, depending on your current decking style. You may have an elevated deck that’s about 8’ to 9’ feet tall, or a low-lying deck that’s too short for a person to stand under it. No matter the height of your decks, taking some time to furnish the space under your deck brings many benefits.

Benefits of Furnishing the Space Under Your Decking

  1. If it’s an elevated deck, your living space will be expanded.
  2. For low-lying decks, it makes it easier for you to keep it clean, away from debris and insects.
  3. It adds extra styles and gives your deck a complete look.

Make it a lounge area

Take your outdoor living furniture and place it beneath your decking. It could be a couch, a coffee table, or some chairs and that creates a nice, shady space for you to take a rest in. You can also install a ceiling fan to improve the ventilation and cool the environment when it’s hot.

Create a restful reading nook

If you enjoy reading, a small, secluded space under the decking will sure win your favor. A lounge chair, a reading table, and maybe a lamp will make it. Imagine you sit at a reading table, savoring every mouthful of coffee and the story in the book, that sure will make your day.

Build a Kitchen Bar

The space underneath your deck can also be a spot where you do some small cooking and share the meal with the family outdoors. Bring in a dining table, attached to your house and some chairs to provide enough seating room. Keep in mind that you need to follow building codes when installing electrical appliances for outdoor uses.

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