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composite panel system | installation process

The composite exterior wall panels make the building look simple, natural, and beautiful. It can withstand various harsh climates, are anti-corrosive and flame-retardant, and are easy to install.

No matter in the production process or in engineering practice. Composite wall panels do not pollute the environment and can be reused. It is an ideal environmentally friendly decorative material.

Advantage of composite wall panel

Composite wall panel not only has the characteristics of lightweight, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It also has the advantages of stability, durability, anti-aging, and easy welding.

The composite wall panel has a smooth surface, bright color, is highly decorative. And it has a wide range of decorative applications, has simple construction technology, and convenient installation.

If you have some installation experience, then you can choose to DIY install composite wall panels yourself. However, considering the professionalism of the installation. We recommend that you find a dedicated contractor to install the wall panels.

Before installing composite wall panels, we need to clean the walls to make them dry and smooth. Of course, it is necessary to confirm whether it complies with the local construction industry regulations before construction.

Installation instructions for composite wall panels

First, fix the keel

When the wall is clean and flat, start to fix the keel. The keel spacing should be less than 400mm. And the keel joints should be kept at a distance of 3-5mm. In order to prevent the keel from swelling and causing deformation.

When installing the composite keel, pre-drill holes at the position of the expansion tube. Then put the plastic expansion tube into the hole, screw the screw into the expansion tube. Then fix the keel on the wall.

It should be noted that all nail heads should be screwed into the keel. And should not be exposed outside the keel, otherwise, the board surface may be uneven.

Fixing of wall panel

When installing composite wall panels. The first panel should be fixed with stainless steel start fasteners.

Step 1: First use a small diameter drill bit to drill a hole. Where the stainless steel screws are screwed into the wallboard. And then screw the first row of wallboard into the keel.

Step 2: Push the cut WPC wall panel to a suitable position. Then tighten the wall panel, and install it in sequence.

It is recommended that the length of each composite wall panel should not exceed 2.9 meters.

Step 3: After the last composite wall panel of each row is installed on the wall. Then it is directly fixed on the keel with stainless steel self-tapping screws.

Step 4: Install the “L”-shaped side cover. Which we called L corner.  It can be fixed with stainless steel screws.

For plastic wood materials, the water absorption rate is about 0.2%, and the expansion rate is about 0.5%. Therefore, when installing this wall panel, please leave an 8 mm gap between each panel.

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