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Winter is coming. It is when proper to clean your decks is vital as it’s easy for decks to get damaged by snow and ice. Even though you live in a warm climate, it’s still necessary to check if your deck needs any cleaning and maintenance to make sure it’s in a perfect state.

Damage Winter Can Cause to Wooden Decks

Decks made of wood are naturally prone to moisture. Moisture can cause various issues to wooden decks if proper care and maintenance aren’t exercised.

Warping and Splintering

These are structural issues caused by the natural expansion and contraction due to the moist air.

Rot and Mildew

When ice and snowmelt, the moisture will cause wooden decks to get moldy.


In areas where people get a dry and frosty winter, the wooden deck will be prone to cracking.

How Composite Decks Do in Winter?

Contrary to wooden decks, our composite decks, especially capped decks, are free of the issues above. Capped composite decking, encased with a coat of high-grade polymer, is impervious to moisture and water. So it won’t be affected by ice or snow in winter. Composite decking is also highly resistant to structural issues seen on wooden decks, such as warping, splintering, and cracking, thanks to its superior formulas and production techniques.

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How to Maintain Wooden Decks in Winter?

Maintenance for wooden decks is tricky and bothering. To make sure your deck experiences as little damage as possible, it’s important to keep your deck clean throughout the winter.

First, you need some preparations:

  • Clean the deck by removing any debris, mold, or mildew.
  • Rinse the deck thoroughly with a hose.
  • Let the deck naturally dry.
  • Restain and reseal the deck. You need to notice the harmful chemicals released into the air, which are harmful to human bodies.

Clean Wooden Decks in Winter:

  • Clean off debris, dead leaves, dust, etc., on your deck.
  • Regularly shovel the snow and ice that fall on the deck to make sure the moisture doesn’t build up. Note: do not use metal shovels as they’ll harm the surface; use shovels made of plastic; do not use rock salt on your wooden deck as it can affect the moisture level in the wood.

How to Maintain Composite Decks in Winter?

First, you need to bring inside the furniture on your deck that can’t resist the coldness. Use a broom to clean off debris, leaves, and dust on your deck. Remove ice and snow on your deck with calcium chloride or a plastic shovel, and that’s that.

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