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WPC decking worth

It can bring you a lot of benefits as an outdoor deck that allows you to relax and gather with your family. However, different deck materials have different costs and benefits. People are increasingly choosing composite decking to construct outdoor living spaces. So, is composite decking worth investing in?

Outdoor decks can enhance the overall appearance of your home. However, the overall style of your deck is determined by the deck material. Furthermore, the cost of traditional wood decking continues to rise as maintenance requirements increase. Low-maintenance composite decks are gaining popularity. Furthermore, this more convenient composite deck can add value to the home.

Why should you go with a composite deck?

Environmental friendliness and long-term viability

Composite decking, unlike other decking materials, not only has the look and feel of natural wood. It is also extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Composite materials are made from a combination of recyclable plastics and wood chips. The use of recyclable plastic can help to reduce plastic waste in everyday life while also protecting the living environment. The use of wood chips and other materials can increase tree usage while decreasing tree cutting. As a result, promoting composite decking is beneficial to the environment.

Increased property value

Some handymen may wish to perform maintenance on their wood decks. However, more people may prefer to spend their time enjoying life rather than maintaining their outdoor wood decks. As a result, there is little difference in condition for new home buyers. They may prefer a low-maintenance composite deck flooring to a high-maintenance wood deck.

Not only does composite decking require no maintenance, but it is also simple to clean. This convenience is more appealing to prospective buyers. This means that it will retain more transferable value over time than other decking materials.

Extraordinary Durability

In addition to being easy to clean, composite decking has the advantage of being maintenance-free. It also offers good resistance to fading, scratching, staining, mildew, and warping. They’re safe and comfortable, and they won’t chip or splinter on the deck. Particularly appropriate for families with children and pets. Because of their distinct protective shell and ability to withstand heavy traffic. They provide an unprecedented level of stain, fade, and mildew resistance. Wine spills and oil stains from outdoor gatherings will also not stain composite decking.

Longevity of appearance

The majority of composite decking materials come with a long-term warranty. Your outdoor living space will be beautiful for a long time because they have a long-lasting good look. As a man-made composite material, composite decking board is visually appealing. To better suit your home, composite deck boards can be designed in a variety of wood grain finishes and colors. This is one of the reasons composite decking is worth it.

How much does composite decking cost?

One of the main concerns is the cost of outdoor decking. Although valuable woods like IPE and other wood decks are costly. However, composite decking is generally more expensive than pressure-treated lumber decking. Composite decking is typically priced between $10 and $15 per square foot. The cost of a pressure-treated wood deck ranges between $3 and $15 per square foot.

That is if you want to construct a 20-by-20-foot outdoor deck. Composite decking can range in price from $4,000 to $6,000. Wood decks can range in price from $1,200 to $6,000. As a result, when it comes to construction costs, composite decks are more expensive than traditional wood decks.

So, once your outdoor deck is built, is it all over? Certainly not! Aside from the initial construction costs. Outdoor decks have numerous subsequent maintenance costs. Natural wood decking requires regular maintenance and upkeep every two years. A wood deck’s total cost will exceed that of a composite deck after a few years of routine maintenance. Regular maintenance of wood decking will consume a significant amount of your time, in addition to the additional costs involved. As a result of the additional maintenance costs, people prefer the more practical quality composite decking. As a result, composite wood decking is a viable option.

Free Samples

Without a doubt, composite decking is more expensive. However, composite decking outperforms wood decking in terms of utility. If you have any further questions, please contact us so that our customer service team can assist you. We also provide free samples to help you better understand composite products. And you’ll understand why composite decking is worth to invest.

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