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Remove ice and snow from composite deck

Composite decking is a great investment, offering homeowners access to a variety of outdoor spaces. composite decking boards can provide space, style, and quiet areas to entertain your guests. It can also be a place to enjoy quiet time with your own family and friends. But when the snow starts to fall, you need to start being prepared. Using a deck in the winter can be very difficult due to the snow and ice. You may want to know if the moisture will affect your composite deck during the snowy winter months. And you may also want to know, should I remove snow from my composite deck? Don’t worry, if you are using composite decking, then removing snow and ice is very simple. Unlike wood, your composite decking is not susceptible to moisture or rot. Therefore, snow and ice in the winter will not affect your composite decking board very much. Snow removal can be done easily with the right tools and the right products. Remove snow from the composite decks, but the good news is that you can use common household tools to clean and remove snow from composite decking.

How to remove snow from composite deck

There are many different ways you can safely remove snow from composite decking boards. But the exact method you use depends on the equipment you have and the amount of snowfall. Before removing snow, you need to consult with the composite deck manufacturer. Make sure the method you choose can be used on a composite deck.

You need to be very careful walking on top of the deck while you are clearing snow and ice. You may be wondering, is composite decking slippery? Yes, composite decking covered with snow is very slippery. You may choose to wear non-slip shoes to clean the deck. Remember not to wear non-slip shoes with sharp metal on the deck as this can damage your deck.

Leaf blowers

best composite decking for snow

A leaf blower is a common household tool. It is a convenient way to remove snow from a composite deck board. It is important to note that a leaf blower can only remove lighter and fluffier snow, it will not work on top of thicker layers of snow. If there is a lot of snow on top of the composite decking, or if it has started to freeze, then you will need to choose another method. This is ideal because you don’t need to use a shovel or chemicals to remove it. It won’t cause damage to your deck. And compared to shovels and rakes, leaf blowers are much easier to operate.

Plastic shovel

Using a plastic shovel can be good for removing some thick snow or ice. However, plastic shovels are more brittle than metal shovels, so you can’t use a lot of force to shovel snow. Otherwise, the plastic shovel may break because of the weight of the snow. It is important to note that you must not use a metal shovel. A metal shovel may damage, scratch, or break your composite deck boards.

Snow broom

This is also a very effective way to remove snow, but many people are not very knowledgeable about it.

A snow broom does not look like a traditional broom, it looks more like a large scraper. The snow broom comes with a telescoping pole that allows you to easily adjust the height of the handle. The snow broom is very inexpensive and can remove thin snow without scratching your composite decks. But it doesn’t work very well when there is heavy snow. But it’s really an effective way to remove snow. If you don’t already have a snow broom, then acquiring it is a very good investment. It has more to offer for cleanup than just snow removal.


If you need a way to break up large chunks of snow and ice, then a rake is very useful. Similar to a shovel, you want to avoid going near the composite decking when using it. because it can very easily damage your deck and cause cracking of the composite decking protection. However, a rake is not the ideal way to remove snow, it needs to be used in conjunction with other tools.

How to remove snow

Heating pad

If you don’t want your deck to start accumulating snow from the time it snows, then using a heating pad is a very good option.

You can lay heating mats on your composite decking and on the road. This will effectively prevent the accumulation of snow and it can melt any ice and snow. Heating mats are perfect for use on top of roads to keep them clear. If you need to go out every day, the smartest thing to do is to have a clear and unobstructed road. Most heating mats are able to melt snow at a rate of 2 inches per hour, and they can easily handle most winds and snow. However, this is a very, very expensive way to do it, but it really is the most effective and least expensive way to remove snow and ice.

Rock Salt

This is a common way to melt composite decking snow and ice. Because rock salt has a lower freezing point than snow and ice, it can penetrate ice and form a brine solution. However, rock salt can only be used when it is 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is not suitable for more severe weather.

It is important to note that rock salt may leave a residue on top of the deck. Therefore, you need to clean it promptly after you use it. If you have children or pets, you should avoid using rock salt. Ingestion of rock salt can cause gastrointestinal problems and it can also cause damage to plants.

Ice melt safe for composite decking

There are different ice melt for composite decking available in the market, maybe you want to ask, can you use ice melt on composite decking? The ice melts available in the market all contain different chemicals that are used in more extreme situations to remove ice. So if you have children or pets, try to choose ice melt safe for composite decking.

Most ice melts contain harmful chemicals. That can corrode your composite decking protective coating. And these harmful solvents can also damage vegetation and cause environmental pollution. So it is very important to choose the best ice melt for composite decking to ensure your composite decking is safe.


Tips for remove snow

We have many ways to solve the snow on top of the deck in winter. You need to choose the right tool and the right product to clear your winter deck depending on the snow and ice conditions. In addition, COOWIN can provide you with the best composite decking for snow. So that you don’t cause some unnecessary damage to the composite decking due to the snow and ice.

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