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ways to add more privacy to your deck

With a fast pace of life and mounting social stress, nowadays what people want is not only an outdoor space but also a retreat that only belongs to them. A place where you can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without outsiders suddenly barging in. We need some privacy on our deck. Here, we share some privacy ideas that you can have to upgrade your deck.


Featuring sturdy columns and slatted roofs, pergolas provide a shady walkway and give your deck a feel of seclusion. At the same time, they still allow air and light to come in so that you never feel suffocated and stuffy. You can introduce some climbing plants and turn them into a green shelter if you want a bit more privacy and shade. Other than that, attached canopies are also useful for pergolas on hot days.

Pergola on Deck


Lattice and pergola are a good match for your deck while it can also be freestanding. Whether it goes with a pergola or is standalone, lattice can always find its way to blend in with the setting, thanks to its simple design and appearance. When placed on decks, it acts as a screen to fence off unwanted glances of the passed-by.

Lattice on Deck

Roof Extension

If you want to further with your deck covering, a roof extension is an investment that can add huge value to your deck. Keep in mind that it’s going to be expensive and will take a huge amount of effort from you for the build. But once it’s done, it’ll be a striking element of your deck.

Roof Extension on Deck

Plants & Trees

Perhaps the best privacy screen is made by nature. Unlike the man-made ones, they create a lively environment and change their posture and appearance over the seasons. Be sure to choose evergreen plants and trees so they don’t lose their function in winter. You can also get creative with it by trimming them into different shapes and styles. However, one of the downsides is that you need to clean your deck more often than ever.

Hedges Around the Decl


Being really not a novel thing, a railing is what you mostly see come with the deck. It can, to some extent, obstruct onlookers’ view if you stick to the traditional baluster infills. As a common element of decks, it’s widely available and easy to find one to match the design and style of your deck. Railing made of composite material is winning the favor of more and more people, and it’s always not too late to embrace the new experience that composite railing will give you.

Deck Railing

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