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Composite wall cladding

As an alternative to traditional wall panels made of wood. Composite cladding board is the most common type of wall panel used to decorate walls today. Composite cladding board is slowly taking the place of natural wood and plywood, and more and more people are getting used to it. Then someone might want to know more. What is a cladding board made of? People choose composite cladding boards for many reasons.

What is a cladding board made of?

Wood-plastic composite wall cladding is the full name of the composite cladding board. It can also be called composite exterior cladding or WPC wall cladding. It is made from wood fiber, thermoplastic polymer material (HDPE), and other additives. Then it is a new, high-tech material that is good for the environment and is heated and pushed out of a mold.

Composite cladding board has the style and feel of wood and the durability of plastic. On the other hand, it lasts much longer than wood products.

Composite wall cladding is denser and has more strength inside than plywood. At the same time, composite exterior cladding is a material that can be reused and is good for the environment. Formaldehyde-free, which means that it is safe and good for your health.

Types of composite decking

There are three types of Composite decking: solid, hollow, and covered

  • Solid: These composite deckings are very heavy and more durable. They look more like wood decking. They are often used in pool decking, road construction, and permanent buildings. However, due to the nature of solid composite decking, it may expand or contract due to extreme weather.
  • Hollow: Hollow decking is less impact resistant because of its hollow design. Because the hollow composite decking needs some extra protection. Because of its hollow construction, it is often used to install cables or cladding.
Types of composite cladding boards
  • Capping: composite decking with capping consists of a top panel and a core panel. It is made of recycled plastic and wood fiber. It has excellent durability and longevity because the deck is protected by a top board layer on top. Capped decking is an excellent choice for some decks and garden buildings.

The composite cladding board has a lot of pros

Here are some things about composite exterior cladding that will help you understand it better.

Good physical characteristics

WPC wall cladding isn’t just tough, though. But it is also non-slip, wear-resistant doesn’t crack, is resistant to corrosion, insulates, and keeps heat in.

More Durable

Composite cladding boards are more durable and can last for more than 50 years if you install them properly, and they are resistant to extreme weather, rot, and cracking. And they don’t require a lot of maintenance afterward, you just need to clean them and they are ready for maintenance.

100% waterproof and proof against bugs

The composite cladding board is waterproof and can’t be eaten by bugs. It is a long-lasting product, with a lifespan that is often several times longer than that of regular wood products.


Composite cladding doesn’t corrode easily and is resistant to coastal weather, seawater, and seawater borer infestations.


It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, methanol, urea, etc. Composite cladding board can be used to decorate in a safe and healthy way.

Also, it doesn’t have VOCs and won’t give off formaldehyde. Which is great for the health of your family, especially the health of children and older people.

composite cladding

Easy to take care of

Composite wood cladding doesn’t need to be painted or stained to last longer. It only needs to be cleaned every day.

But that doesn’t mean it can be polluted however it wants. Some oil stains, stains, and careless dyeing need to be cleaned off in order for composite wall panels to last as long as possible.

Simple to cut

Composite cladding board is just as easy to cut as regular wood, and it doesn’t break easily when you do. When it is made, it can be made in different shapes and sizes based on what you want. At the same time, it can be processed to have a very textured look and a fine polish.

High resistance to fire

Composite wood wall cladding is a material that won’t catch fire. It is made of polymers and does not catch fire when it comes in contact with a flame. So, a composite wall panel is a better choice for areas that are likely to catch fire.

Ultraviolet protection

Composite facade cladding can also stand up to the sun in some ways. WPC wall panels can be used in sunlight and won’t break down. After a certain amount of time, polish them. And it will stay new and strong for a long time.

How to use composite cladding board

Composite cladding materials have grown quickly in recent years because they have so many good qualities. And we use them a lot in our everyday lives:

1. Indoors, composite wall panels can be used to install modular kitchens, wall panels, bathroom cabinets, doors, railings, ceilings, etc.

Advantages of composite cladding

2. The composite material can be used outside for things like wall cladding, garden furniture, park benches and fences, prefabricated houses, other exterior uses, outdoor deck floors, and so on.

3. Advertising WPC material can be used for booths, signs, direct digital printing, display boards, and graphics.

4. Car interior trim panel, Cruise interior trim panel, and deck are also very good options.

Samples of composite cladding

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