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composite decking color

Regarding outdoor composite wood decking, COOWIN is one of the top ten brands of Chinese wood-plastic manufacturers. Not only brings us first-class quality, professional service experience, and the most competitive composite decking prices. But also gives us more and more colors of composite decking.

When we are designing our own outdoor flooring projects, color is also an important consideration. The choice and matching of composite decking colors will add luster to our engineering projects and play a finishing touch.

Advantage of COOWIN product

For outdoor decking projects, compared with indoor projects, it has stricter and more demanding requirements for product durability, waterproofing, and service life. Compared with wood, most people choose laminate flooring. It is specially designed for outdoor use.

COOWIN outdoor wood plastic deck combines the natural outer ring of solid wood and the superior performance of plastic. It looks similar to wood, but has more advantages, such as waterproof, weather resistance, environmental protection, maintenance-free, etc. . At the same time, it combines a solid wood-like exterior surface design and a richer natural color.

COOWIN is more diversified in color classification. For co-extrusion composite deck boards, there is a separate color card for composite decking capped, which can be subdivided into conventional co-extrusion colors and creative colors, which can better meet the picky needs of different customers for colors.

For non-co-extruded decking material, in addition to the conventional solid color series, COOWIN also specially designed artistic color series with a more solid wood feel, such as red pine mixed art color, cedar mixed art color, making COOWIN composite decking boards more solid wood feel. Get closer to nature.

As a deck builder, Choosing a decking board color for your flooring project is a big decision. For some people, this can be difficult because of the many options they can take. But the problem is that this is not necessarily a stressful process. By following some of the tips below, you can choose the correct composite decoration color for your next big project.

Familiar with colors

Before choosing a color, make sure you understand your choice first. The outdoor decking material comes in different colors. Some classic shades are gray, brown, white, and red. You can also choose unique colors for your outdoor decking, such as green and blue. By familiarizing yourself with these colors, you can narrow your choices.

Should also be familiar with the background colors

Matching warm and cold tones usually does not work. If your house has warm colors, use yellow, red, or orange materials, which are also warm colors. For houses with cool colors, please use composite decoration materials that are close to purple, green, or blue. White and gray are neutral tones, suitable for any color.

Match it to the appearance of your home

When choosing a color for your composite decking materials, make sure it matches the appearance of your home, it must be very good composite decking ideas. If your house is red, brown, yellow or anything similar, you can choose a brown or tan deck.

As for blue or red houses, you can choose the darker of these colors. If your home is white, you can choose almost anything. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind; choosing the exact color of your home for your decoration materials rarely works. Usually, it looks very plain.

Consider the sun

Before choosing a color, consider the location of the terrace you will build. Will the area be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time? Will there be shadows to protect them? Why are these issues important? Warm colors, such as grey composite decking, absorb more heat from the sun. This is why you feel hotter in dark clothes. For terraces that will be in constant sunlight, light colors are best. If you live in a place where you don’t worry about heat, you can choose any dark color you like.

Coordinate the color with the surrounding environment

Considering the surrounding environment is also very important for choosing composite decking colors. To do this, your deck should look like an extension of your house, not a completely different world. For this, you need a deck color that closely matches the color of your home environment.

Check the color of the actual sample.

Many online tools, such as composite decking reviews, allow you to visualize different wood composite decking colors using various house designs. It is helpful to use these tools before purchasing composite decoration materials. If you have already selected, you can order a few samples first. Doing so will help you confirm the color and make the necessary changes to your decision. In this way, you can save yourself the trouble of buying the wrong color for the decoration, and makes the modern deck

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