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Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to use outdoor decking material for your new deck, besides of consider the cost of the composite deck, it’s time for the fun part – choosing the composite decking color! 

But the sheer number of composite decking colors available can be overwhelming. You’re not just choosing between lighter and darker color series only now. From white color to black color, with 21 years development, there are many different kinds of colors for us to choose from COOWIN color board.

For those who aren’t sure where to start for the composite outdoor decking project, we’ve put together this composite decking colors guide. You don’t need to be a professional designer or artist or professional deck planner to figure out what colors go well together. Using the tips below, you’ll be able to navigate the color selection process with ease and come out with a great-looking deck project! 


Traditional composite decking colors can be separated into four basic groups. These are:

– Dark Color(like blue-grey colo, dark teak color, and walnut color series)

– Light Color(like light gray composite deck boards, cedar color, red pine color, OAK color)

– Creative color(COOWIN developed the creative color series, popularly used for Art center, school, kindergarten, and so on, makes the project is a modern deck, details will be shown as below)

– Extreme colors(like pure black composite decking or pure white composite decking)

COOWIN standard color board for WPC decking as below:

COOWIN Color series for the capped decking:

COOWIN creative colors for the capped products:

Odds are, you already have a color family in mind for your decking composite project. Now, it’s just a matter of narrowing it down based on the color of your home’s exterior and your own personal taste.

Anyway, the following tips are designed to help you pick the perfect color. Whether you choose to stick to them or not is entirely up to you. After all, it’s your deck – you can choose to design it however you like!


We all know the old-school rule of making sure that your belt matches your shoes. But you shouldn’t apply that rule to your deck.

Using the same exact color as your home’s exterior for your deck is going to look a bit bland. Instead of matching, you should try to choose colors that complement one another.

Look at the following project picture from COOWIN, the wall color is white, and the decking around the swimming pool is dark brown color. It matched very well and makes the whole decoration has a great layering effect.

As you’re planning your deck’s design, think about how you can create an interesting contrast.

If your exterior walls are white or light colors, like the above project, any darker colors decking will work very well.


As you probably remember from the color wheel you learned in school, red, orange, and yellow are warm colors, while green, blue, and purple are cool.

Even if you don’t have to keep all of the colors exactly the same, we sincerely recommended you to stick to collocated warm and cold for both your deck and home exteriors. Such as Walnut color and composite decking grey.  

Such as the following project picture from COOWIN, is an OAK color deck board, a white wall and the red roof looks very warm and comfortable. This is also suitable for your garden decking too.  


Your deck color isn’t just for looks – it can also serve a functional purpose. For the wood composite decking which is used for the outdoor environment. Especially for the swimming pool side, Dark surfaces absorb light and heat up more quickly than light-colored surfaces. Which reflect light and keep your deck feeling cooler. That’s not to say that a light color deck in direct sunlight can’t heat up in the summer months. But it will be a bit kinder to your bare feet than a dark brown deck.  

For the swimming poolside and composite dock decking project, grey composite decking boards are suitable. And also some of the light colors, such as Red Pine color and Redwood color, that all beautiful colors for the deck.  

Samples and composite decking brands

Where to buy composite decking and get the best suitable color suggestion?

As to composite decking pricing comparison, COOWIN decking manufacturers quality goods at cost-effective prices. So Just share with COOWIN about your composite decking design ideas. And the professional sales and design dept will feedback you with the best suggestion and plan to choose surely. And maybe you can also get a discount on composite decking with a special discount, that is very lucky. COOWIN website is www.coowingroup.com

Secondly, choosing the preferred color samples and getting the free samples to check the real color is also very important. You can compare the color with the whole decoration effect by yourself directly and choose the most preferred one, that will make your life comfortable.

COOWIN free sample photos as below:

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