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Composite decking is gaining popularity among consumers as a new form of outdoor aesthetic material. Leaving aside other considerations, the most crucial worry for customers is the price. As a result, let’s find out the price of composite decking.

The total cost of composite decking

Composite decking materials offer a long lifespan and a low cost. Let’s look at the total cost of composite decking:

To begin with, building high-quality composite decks will almost probably be more expensive than utilizing typical pressure-treated wood. However, comparing materials and installation prices does not fully explain the issue.

For example, with a typical household deck space of approximately 400 square feet. A pressure-treated wood deck costs around $3,000. A decent composite deck, on the other hand, can cost roughly $5,000 to build an outdoor living space.

Despite the fact that the initial cost of composite decking is more than that of wood decking. Nonetheless, composite decking is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that composite decking offers numerous advantages that wood decking does not. In terms of cost, wood decking necessitates regular upkeep. As a result, continual maintenance costs are incurred. Composite decking requires little to no maintenance, saving the customer not just money but also time.

Long-term upkeep costs

Long-term value and total cost of ownership, in essence, assess how much time and money someone will spend on something once they own it. The same logic may be applied when comparing the costs of composite decking with pressure-treated wood. Actually, it comes down to two things. As an example, consider comparing the long-term worth of two purchases to their entire cost of ownership.

The cost of building pressure-treated timber decks will be lower at first. However, in order to keep the hardwood deck’s appearance and performance. It necessitates continual attention and upkeep. There are some expenses associated with doing all of the work. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Cost of sealing a wood deck

Even preservative-treated wood is susceptible to moisture damage. Because wood is an organic material, it absorbs water naturally. This means that water will not only adhere to but also enter the wood surface. This can cause a slew of issues. Mold grows on wooden decks, causing structural deterioration.

To keep this from happening, wood trim panels should be painted or stained every few years. This also implies that the usage of hardwood decks necessitates some continuous annual maintenance costs.
According to industry research, homeowners spend an average of $761 per year on professional deck upkeep. Most households spend between $594 and $849 per year on sealing and dyeing.

Of course, you can also hire equipment and undertake your own DIY deck maintenance. However, this will consume a significant amount of your time. Furthermore, if the wood deck is not well maintained, it will have a shorter lifespan.

As a result, after only two or three years, the overall cost of wood decking will begin to outweigh the cost of composite decking.

Advantages of composite decking

Aside from the fact that they are nearly maintenance-free, composite decking has other advantages. After installation, the composite deck can look great with little upkeep.

Composite decking is simple to put together. After construction, only occasional washing with soap and water is required to keep the composite deck looking excellent. Quality composite decking will last for at least 30 years. Giving you plenty of time to savor it.

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