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WPC Tubes: Ways to Extend the Functionality

WPC tubes and beams, as simple as they look, are actually a product for creativity. Why do I call them like that? Well, it’s because they’re versatile and DIY-friendly, and it’s up to you to make full use of them. Unlike timber, they have a hollow profile, meaning that they’re lightweight and structurally workable. Thanks to the composition of wood fiber and plastics, they perform beautifully and can be substituted for wood in many applications. Today, we’re introducing some of the ways for you to extend the functionality of WPC tubes.

Louvered Partition/(Room) Divider/Screen

Partitions or screens are non-load-bearing structures that separate spaces in a room or open area. Louvered partitions made of timber or WPC tubes are increasingly common these days. Simple and stylish, it serves to separate room spaces while still allowing air to circulate and light to come in, making the room appear spacious and well ventilated. It can also be applied in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, porches, and patios, and that’s how our WPC tubes are normally used.

Baffle Ceiling

Baffle Ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling system where hanging baffles of a linear profile run vertically in a particular pattern. Simple in style and easy to install, the baffle ceiling system works to reduce the level of sound, weaken echoes and reverberation, and improve speech intelligibility in large rooms. When used as ceiling baffles, WPC tubes are especially resilient and durable, suitable for outdoor applications. Some of the common places where you’ll see WPC tubes used outdoors are porch ceilings, extended roofs, corridors, and other semi-open areas.

Sun Breaker/Brise Soleil/Fin/Architectural Louver

Brise Soleil, also called architectural louvers or fins, is a set of parallel blades, battens, or slats for light management. Let me explain how it works. The sun is a source of heat. In the morning, especially in winter, the sunlight brings warmth and reduces energy consumption, that’s good; but, when it climbs higher, especially in summer, the scorching sunlight overheats everything and your energy bill soars, that’s bad. What Brise Soleil does is that it allows in low-level sunlight in the morning and blocks direct sunlight at noon. Fixed architectural louvers made of WPC tubes give the building a dimensional and natural look and are more of a choice for aesthetic purposes rather than functionality.

Get Creative with WPC Tubes and Beams!

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