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Deck Blend Ideas

Back when traditional real wood was the only option for deck construction, decks almost all looked the same. With multiple new innovative materials emerging in the market, deck design ideas are constantly building up. Now, you’re offered opportunities to embrace new design ideas while still having the looks of natural wood for your decks. Here, we’re talking about decking board blend ideas that you can take to transform your deck into a holiday retreat.

Deck combination ideas


Who says decking boards should keep the same in width?

At COOWIN®, you can have composite decking boards different in width, combined together to create a unique and stylish look for your deck. You’ll have more than three options for board width, which are “narrow”(140 mm), “standard”(150 mm), and “wide”(200mm).

Wide-width deck boards can make your decks look more expansive, ideal for smaller deck spaces. In addition, wide-width deck boards require few fasteners to install, saving your time and energy. Narrower deck boards, on the other hand, add more details and textures to your deck. With a blend of narrow and wide deck boards, your deck will sure display a style of uniqueness. Narrower deck boards, on the other hand, add more details and textures to your deck. With a blend of narrow and wide decking board ideas, your deck will sure display a style of uniqueness.


Multi-color decks are not going to be like a wild mixture of many colors. The number of hues you are going to combine should, in most circumstances, not exceed 3. A blend of slightly similar colors will make the finished look appear more natural and subtle. Sheer contrasts push it too far and wouldn’t do any good. You can stagger the deck boards to create color strips or simply arrange the boards of a different color to form a circle or square. This way it’s not only for aesthetic but also functional purposes. You can mark out a designated zone or place or picture-frame a deck area.

COOWIN® composite decking comes in 5 main colors, namely Cedar, Red Pine, Red Wood, Light Grey, Coffee, and Blue Grey. This collection is also supplemented by Art Color Series, variegated color options that will make an easy and natural blend of colors.


Here comes one that’s a unique feature of composite materials. Thanks to the composition of plastic and reclaimed wood, composite boards will have more grain pattern options for you to choose from. Although it’s not something that’ll stand out in the distance, it can break the uniform and monotonous look of your deck and bring you a livable outdoor space.

“Modern”, “Classical”, and “Fashion” are the grain pattern currently offered for our uncapped composite decking. How to combine them in a way that showcases your style will depend on your own preference.

Deck Lighting Ideas

The benefit of playing with lighting ideas for your deck is that it can create a more unique and warm look for your outdoor space at night, with aesthetic and practical benefits.

Your outdoor deck area is just as important as your indoor space, so adding lighting is crucial. We’ve put together some ways to add light to your outdoor space to get better inspired.

Fire pit lighting

Fire pits are one of the most common of many interesting deck lighting ideas. It can add more warmth to your outdoor composite decking and illuminate your outdoor space. A lit fire pit allows you to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably and it really helps to enhance the atmosphere of the occasion.

And it can be used for grilling and cooking, allowing your family and friends to enjoy meals around the fire pit. If there is a fire may not be the most stable source of light, but it is certainly the most welcoming.

It is important to note that use a metal frame or fireproof material to support your fire pit to ensure that the fire pit is kept away from composite decking. do not place any easily ignitable items near the fire source, and do not use the fire pit when there is wind. All of these actions can lead to ignition of the outdoor space and cause a lot of damage.

Soft lighting

Soft lighting can give your outdoor space a more subtle ambiance, perfect for creating an atmosphere for evening entertainment. Soft lighting is not particularly harsh, which creates a warmer glow and helps keep the patio lit.

Hanging lights

A number of small but numerous lights are also an exciting design idea. Drape them from a tree branch or hang lights from a railing. All of these can add a wonderfully unique atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Hanging under a shade

If your outdoor patio has a parasol installed, then you can hang your light source under the parasol by hanging a light bar or chandelier on the shaft of the parasol. Light bars or chandeliers are very inexpensive, solar or battery-powered, and an excellent choice for areas that need lighting.

Lighting along the edges

Adding a light bar or permanent light source to the edge of your composite decking can create a focal point in your outdoor space. This type of lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your outdoor deck. It doesn’t take up space on your outdoor deck and can show off the framed areas of the deck and the garden path.

Deck Lighting Ideas


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